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Atlantis trousers

With NP2 protectors, the Atlantis trousers ensure safe riding pleasure. The extremely abrasion-resistant, water-repellent and breathable cowhide nubuck leather provides perfect body-climate and wear comfort throughout the whole year, even on long journeys. Practical: adjustable for individual wear comfort at the waist and at the leg cuffs.

Detalhes do produto

  • All-weather trousers made of high-quality cowhide nubuck leather
  • Highly abrasion-resistant full cowhide (1.2-1.4 mm), strongly hydrophobised (water-repellent)
  • The leather is naturally breathable thus ensuring excellent body-climate comfort
  • NP2 protectors at hips and knees (height-adjustable), coccyx protector retrofittable
  • Taped, watertight seams; rubberised, water-repellent zip fasteners
  • Watertight membrane fabric inside trouser fly, stud fastener to keep membrane in place
  • Stretch zones above the knees and at the back of the trouser waistband for high level of comfort on long journeys
  • Adjustable for individual wear comfort at the waist and at the leg cuffs
  • 2 outside zip fastener pockets
  • All-around connecting zipper: 40 cm
  • Loops inside trouser waistband for securing optional trouser braces
  • Comfort fit

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Referência de peça: 8395011

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740 € *

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