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ProRace Gloves

ProRace gloves are ideally suitable for sporty bikers who value extreme freedom of movement, enhanced safety and a direct grip experience during fast riding. They are partially protected by Temperfoam and feature palms made of kangaroo leather, and upper hands made of goat leather with stretch zones.


Product details.

  • Summer sports gloves
  • 100% leather
  • All details are designed for sporty riding
  • Palm of hand made of hard-wearing kangaroo leather, double thickness in places
  • Back of hand made of goatskin with elastic stretch zones
  • Pleasantly breathable thanks to perforations
  • BMW Motorrad hard shell with memory foam underlay
  • Short cuff with hoop and loop fastener
  • Special seams on the palm prevent pressure points at the fingers
  • Lower hand not lined
  • Colour scheme matching BMW Sport motorcycles
  • CE-certified according to DIN EN 13594
  • Colour: Black/white/red
  • Sizes: 6-6½–12-12½
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